What does bike month mean? It means try to make a conscious effort to bike in the month of May. What better way than to take a bike tour with us?

If you’re looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift, a bike tour definitely fits the bill. We’ve had a lot of guests, with their moms, out on our tours. Mom’s love our downtown LA bike tours. They get to spend time with you, but also enjoy that exhilarating feeling of being out on a bike, adventuring places they don’t normally get to go.

Our Los Angeles bike tours are easy, slow paced, with lots of stops. Every reticent rider tells us how easy it was by the end of the tour, and they feel good about themselves for having done something they were’t sure about at the beginning. Give mom back a little of the adventure she put on the back burner to raise you.

Make a day of it, and have lunch or dinner at our home base Grand Central Market. We all know restaurants are packed on Mother’s Day weekend, and Grand Central Market will be too, but there’s always room, and lots of food vendors to choose from.

A Downtown L.A. day, with a fun, easy, bike tour mixed in to a lively afternoon nosh at GCM, is way more unique than the same old Mother’s Day brunch.


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