Travel gifts, shop small, declutter, minimalist living, van life; current trends in gift giving are moving towards experiential gifts. Giving a unique holiday gift is going beyond the gift card rack, and seeking out a thoughtful experience for a loved one.

We get many folks on our Los Angeles bike tours, that were given the tour as a gift, whether as a wedding/honeymoon gift, moving to Los Angeles housewarming gift, or even a Valentine’s Day experience. They all say the same thing, it was the perfect experience gift, and they loved it. Giving someone a happy memory is more valuable than a physical gift they might not want, let’s face it, we all buy what we want and need ourselves, most gifts are just extra stuff.

Our  “Buy Gift” button at the top of the page is an easy, yet thoughtful alternative to more clutter. Your recipient will receive a notification of your gift, and in California, gift certificates have no expiration date.  A gift of a bike tour is perfect for anyone on your list who likes adventure, history, art, bike riding etc. It will be everyone’s favorite gift this holiday season.

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