This summer we’re working on some more under the radar Los Angeles neighborhood bike tours. In the mean time here are a few off the beaten path suggestions if you’re visiting LA and want to see unique culture beyond what Hollywood/Beverly Hills has to offer.

The Fashion District and Santee Alley is a cacophony of fashion, accessories, food and fashionistas looking for deals. Pair this with a trip to Little Tokyo’s Space City Vintage¬†

Highland Park is fast becoming the Brooklyn of Los Angeles, with dining, shopping and general promenading focussed on York, and Figueroa Street. In addition to the hipster bars and record shops, don’t miss long time vintage candy and soda shop, Galcos, with great subs too.

Lincoln Heights and Boyle Heights, east of the LA river has a burgeoning arts and brewery scene. Again, check out long time businesses located in El Mercado

We hope to feature some of these under the radar local gems of Los Angeles on future bike tours. By far our most popular tour is the Pretty Gritty Arts District Tour, billed as our off the beaten path LA tour. LA’s Arts District is a surprising hidden gem.

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