Women’s history is told all year long on all of our bike tours. Who better to guide you through Los Angeles’ women’s history than a woman? Handlebar Bike Tours is a woman owned business, and currently all our guides are women. On our Historic Core and More Tour and our Twilight Tour you’ll hear about Biddy Mason, Los Pobladores, Dorothy Chandler, Christine Stearling, Maude Bouldin, Simona Bradbury, and Julia Morgan. On our Pretty Gritty Arts District Tour you’ll see many female artists’ work such as Ms. Yellow, Carly Ealy, Starfightera, S.C. Mero among others.

Heck Los Angeles was named after a woman; El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles. If you’re looking for things to do to celebrate women’s History Month come take a Handlebar Bike Tour.

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