I’m sharing a link to a public google map you can use for a free Los Angeles bike tour.

Why would I do this when I sell Los Angeles Bike Tours? Because I was once a broke backpacker that didn’t have the money to afford fancy bike tours (PS we’re not fancy). I know not everyone has the money, or desire to go on an organized tour of downtown Los Angeles, so here’s a map you can use with the Metro Bike Share bikes, which cost $1.75 per half hour.

This tour of downtown LA highlights takes about an hour, and is 4 miles long. Our free bike tour of Los Angeles a little bit of our Historic Core and More Tour, and our Twilight Tour. The first stretch on Broadway doesn’t have a bike lane, but the rest of the tour utilizes the protected bike lanes of downtown Los Angeles, for a safe, stress free bike ride.

Of course our Los Angeles tours are a lot more comprehensive and come with a bike, helmet and a live amplified guide with all the info who navigates the bike lanes of Los Angeles for you. At only $60- that’s one of the best tour prices in LA.