I love to read customer reviews. It amazes me what makes an impact on people. What I see as something insignificant, they find fascinating, and vice versa. We are incredibly grateful for all the 5 star reviews we’ve received for our Los Angeles bike tours.

I was researching our new food tour recently(tough work, I know) and eavesdropped on a few other tours. They were larger groups, and had the impersonal feel of cattle herding. Some people prefer that, to blend in to a group, but for a food tour, I think you need to get a little more personal. The care and craft that goes into a dish, to make it unique enough to feature should be explained. Guides should make an effort to create conviviality among guests, after all, you are eating together.

I hope when we launch our new bike and food tour in Downtown Los Angeles, I can keep that small group friendly feel that has generated all the 5 star reviews for our bike tours.

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