There’s a lot of interest in how to explore Los Angeles’ Arts District, and the best way is by bike. LA’s Arts District is an under-the-radar, up-and-coming neighborhood full of history and creative people. Our Pretty Gritty Arts District Tour is our most popular bike tour, and the most interesting to give as a tour guide; because we see something new on every tour. While the area is gentrifying, it is also expanding; we are constantly updating the route as new murals, businesses, and attractions like Luna Luna appear.

On an Arts District bike tour, we can stop and enjoy the art, sneak through secret alleys cars can’t access, and cover more ground than a walking tour. No need to worry about parking and you’re more likely to see artists painting when you go off the beaten path on a bike. One place almost all Arts District Tours visit is The American Hotel, ground zero for the modern incarnation of the Arts District as a place of history and refuge for the African American railway porters, to budding artists. Check out the excellent documentary produced by Michael Connelly “Tales of the American”. We also stop in at Hauser and Wirth Gallery, and Salt and Straw Ice Cream.

Handlebar Bike Tours pioneered the Arts District bike tour and we’re the only insured company with our own bikes touring the Arts District. Why is that important? There are other folks running bike tours requiring participants to rent metro bike shares, which haven’t been through the 10-point safety check or double wash process we do with our bikes between tours. Handlebar Bike Tours also provides helmets, and thoroughly researches the history and artists, we never “make stuff up”. We do our best to support artists by donating to mural projects and fundraisers. Come explore Los Angeles’ Arts District with us on our Pretty Gritty Arts District Tour.