Many travelers are thinking about the environmental impact their trips have on the planet. For a lot of folks that means thinking about how far you’ll go and what method of transport you’ll use to get there. But what about in-destination experiences? Bike tours are an easy way to reduce your travel carbon footprint in day tours of Los Angeles.

Our guests make a conscious choice to see Los Angeles on a bike, rather than a bus. Because of LA’s reputation as a car town, a lot of people do not consider searching for a bike tour when visiting L.A. Yet on almost any tour, guests remark how easy it is to bike DTLA.

I suggest in any city look for day tours by bike. You’ll see so much more than on a bus or in a car. I’ve done the Hop On Hop Off bus tours, and they can be a good way to see a lot of a destination in a short amount of time. But that’s pretty much all you get, is to “see” a destination, rather than experience it. Let’s face it, people rarely “hop off” the bus, which has lead me to dub those busses “drive-by tourists”. The Hop on Hop off bus is popular because of the open air top of the bus. People want to be outside for a closer look at Los Angeles. But that elevation, high up off the street has this kind of separation, that almost puts the rider in a spectator position, rather than participant in their own vacation.

By contrast a bike tour means you are an active participant in your vacation, while leaving little impact on the city you’re visiting besides supporting the local businesses we stop at. You’ll get a little work out, and see downtown Los Angeles like a local. We can cover more ground than a walking, or even driving tour in a half day Los Angeles bike tour. Try a Handlebar Bike Tour for a true eco-friendly, Los Angeles experience.

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