Hanging out at HBT headquarters, Grand Central Market, we see a lot of drive by tourists. You can hear the crackle of a microphone, reducing the history of Angel’s Flight and the market to a 30 second sound bite. Heads swivel, phone cameras point and the bus/van moves on.

I feel bad for those folks, they checked a box on the itinerary, but did they really experience the rich history, and swirling sights, sounds and smells that make LA the most diverse city in the world. Putting a car window between you and the city you’ve come to visit is like watching a movie about the place you’ve come to visit.

There are a few different bike tours around Los Angeles, each with something to offer. We specialize in tours for the average bike rider, not to strenuous, hilly or long, but covering a lot of ground. Our tours are meticulously researched, by me, an L.A. high school teacher. Hop off the bus, put away the guide book, and enjoy the ride. -Jen