Is a virtual experience an experience at all? When our quarantine first began I relished being able to experience all my favorite bands from home, or seeing a performance of Shakespeare at the Globe Theater. April and May I gleefully live streamed some epic bike rides, with screaming descents, something our usual tours do not include. But somehow bike tours just didn’t transfer to the virtual world for me.

A Handlebar Bike Tour activates endorphins, it’s part of the experience, and unfortunately doesn’t translate to the small screen. So we closed for a bit, then reopened in late June. Downtown Los Angeles is not quite itself, but we’ve been doing tours, adhering to a strict cleaning and socially distanced protocol that has been working out for us so far. Staycationers are discovering us, and the renewed interest in biking during the pandemic has translated into a whole lot more people willing to try out a city bike tour.

You can confidently ride with us. We have a 2-step pre and post tour equipment cleaning process, and store gear overnight before we use it again. Our tours take place entirely outdoors. Our guides are masked and amplified. Bikes come with your own personal supply of disinfecting wipes, and our guides carry sanitizer spray and wipes. All payment, waivers etc. is handled ahead of time, or with QR codes. Honestly, we’ve always been hype on hygiene. Handlebar Bike Tours was founded by a 20 year veteran teacher, I know a thing or two about avoiding illness.

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