Our Covid-19 protocols will be similar our already established cleaning and distancing protocols. That’s because we’ve always sanitized equipment with a 2-step process, maintained small groups and streamlined contactless booking.

Our helmets are cleaned with a two step sanitizing process, first they are sprayed with Odoban, a eucalyptus disinfectant. Next they are thoroughly wiped with Lysol wipes, then stored until the next day; no back to back guest usage. Plus we replace helmets every 6 months. We use the same 2 step disinfecting process for all the touch points on the bikes, pre and post tour. Our guides are amplified; you won’t have a guide shouting at a group, potentially spreading droplets. Handlebar Bike Tours take place entirely outdoors, unless you choose to enter buildings during your break stop.

In addition to cleaning equipment on site, our online reservations and digital waiver completed ahead of time, means a no contact transaction at tour time. Finally, if you’ve ever been on a tour with us you know we keep the tour groups small and offer everyone hand sanitizing wipes during, and at the end of the ride. In addition, each bike will have its own supply of wipes only accessible by you, and cleaned up by us. Handlebar Bike Tours was started by a 20 year veteran teacher. I’ve learned a thing or two over the years about how to prevent illness, and it was very important to me to bring that standard to the equipment we use. This is how we’ve always operated, and will continue to do so. If the thought of getting on a crowded tour bus freaks you out right now, try out a bike tour, the built in, social distance way to see L.A.

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