Wheel You Be My Valentine?

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Are you looking for a unique date idea for Valentines Day? Look no further, a bike tour is the perfect, exciting and different, kind of date.

I have guided a lot of couples around the city, and many partners start out a little wary, but end up loving the tour and feeling confident, full of endorphins, by the end.

It is a great way to gauge a new romance; are they up for a little light weight adventure? Are they interested in history, culture and good food? Are they encouraging, supportive, able to laugh at a joke, and appreciate the little details you see on an immersive experience like a bike tour? That’s a keeper.

Long time couples are pleasantly surprised with the lively kick of discovering new sites right in their own back yard. I’ve had quite a few SoCal couple enjoying a DTLA day or stay cation, and feeling invigorated ready for new adventures at the end of our tour.

Surprise your sweetie with something different, book a tour today! https://www.handlebarbiketours.com