Upright bikes, Cinderella of the bike family

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I have the carbon fiber roadie that gets me places fast, but when purchasing bikes for the tour I wasn’t sure what to get. I bought a few mountain bike style city bikes, and a few upright 8-speed cruisers. People gravitated towards the mountain bike style when choosing bikes, but by far the folks on the uprights had a much better time, and saw a lot more on the tour. I started riding one myself while guiding and love the relaxed, enjoy the ride, reminder an upright gives you. On an upright you feel engaged with the city, and notice all sorts of details, as opposed to staring at the ground and a few feet in front of you, which is what a mountain or road bike would have you looking at bent over the bars. Plus uprights are more conducive to wearing regular clothes. I guess it depends on what you’re ride goal is; putting in miles from point a to b, take a roadie, seeing the sights, or spending an afternoon with friends, pick an upright. I think of my roadie as the daily driver, and my upright as the classic car, driven for pure pleasure.