Is biking in L.A. dangerous?

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Many people I speak with about our DTLA bike tours ask this question. Biking downtown sounds fun, but people take what they know about driving in Los Angeles and apply it to biking; this is comparing apples to oranges. Anyone who has driven in Los Angeles has experienced our crazy highways, and the surface street thoroughfares 6 lanes wide, and yes, that aspect of L.A. traffic is crazy.

But downtown is actively pursuing pedestrian friendly neighborhoods with Vision Zero and DTLA Forward initiatives. Traffic calming measures have given pedestrians the upper hand in downtown Los Angeles; its one part of the city where the car is no longer king. There are numerous bike lanes, parks that welcome bikes, and the metro, which actively encourages bikes and last mile devices. Plus our tour routes are meticulously planned. Timing of tours, moving through intersections, checking on current construction, knowing which streets lead to the highway and are more travelled are just a few of the things we take into consideration when leading a group. Read our reviews, guests often comment how safe they felt on our bike tours of downtown L.A. So the answer is, NO, Los Angeles is not dangerous for biking, not if you know what you’re doing, are aware of road conditions, pick the right routes and observe the rules of the road. Frankly, biking is the best way to get around DTLA.